Saturday, 20 April 2013

30 Photographers - One theme

30 Photographers - One Theme - Abstract!

A collaboration between 30 photographers, from a Photography Institute London facebook group, where we all meet, and share experiences and knowledge and moments... a group that made from meeting point for this collaboration, from an initiative of Darren Sharp, that done all this work, of assembling 30 images from 30 people, 30 images from 30 cameras, from 30 fingers that pressed a button at a moment each mind realized into the reality one vision of one theme in question... 
 Abstract was chosen... And the result is the one here! 

 Names of the participants on the bottom of the above image... 
The following image i posted is the one i submitted and is located at the bottom corner at the final image!! 
    Like i said, the theme was same, and every human is same, but different minds, different lifes and points of view...  
         This was mine, Might look weird, or even disgusting for some, but i always liked to see closely moments we always do in our lifes and never look at them properly. Something i love and liked the result.  One behavior and explosion of different elements mixed which in result is one of my drinks most taken and worlds famous too...  Is this odd to you, liking this kind of stuff??  Maybe liking every moment and every element that God created to provide us this tastes and pleasures??? 
 This was simply coffee in hot water... 

These were other results of my experiment!!! 

 One other vision from one of the coleagues who collaborated on this project::

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