Thursday, 15 August 2013

Anticipation is Key

Based on this title, we can speak about so many things...In life, so many activities, that can be defined and made based in the best timing, the right moment, split second opportunity to do them, whatever it is!!

And in photography can't be more correct and ridiculously important... And you can see around the world, wildlife photographers, sports photographers showing to the world what happens in that split second or even millisecond, things our eyes cant follow and our brains can't cope.  i am not going to bring photos from the web here to show you because you already have hundreds on your mind, for sure, about what i am saying... I will bring some samples i took along the way, samples where i been learning this!!

So i was in my path here, and done recently a cricket match for a charity event, from the initiative of my company i work for.. so its a informal event, i know!  But its so you see and i have learned that its the same base, the same aspects you take to capture it the best way!!
And after the game, looking at the pics, thinking what went on my mind when capturing some of them i realised the importance that everyone always insists on...

How are you going to impress on and on and nowadays professional photography with just snapping the players playing?  There's more than that!! you need to capture the adrenaline and fast moves our eyes can't cope with!!  Capture split second moments your eyes won't see...
For that you need speed...

But what speed do we need?  why compact cameras can't cope with this job because its not responsive enough to the second you want the frame to be captured! you will need a lot more anticipation. not that you can't but need more time from the pressing the button and actually capturing the photo.
  Frames per second than?  Yes, one way is having a pro camera fast enough so you make sure nothing is lost...
 Problem sorted??

Not entirely...  In a 90 minutes games, you shot 3 full memory cards full of thousands of shots and just choose the ones that work??  What did you learned in the end? Maybe a computer ready to kill you, after processing them all

There's more!! you need to understand what is going on, what is around you are shooting so when you feel the best moment, you click it... That, Is your touch being in place, your vision, your moment and being captured!  You, yourself capturing what is the best moment for you...

  I've spoke about sports and wildlife works all the same! But in photography a very important work where you need anticipation is on weddings!!!
Its primordial, absolutely important that you know what is happening around you so you are ready to capture it!!

i am far from being at the knowledge point i want, i am no big pro but by experience you learn this things and want to share!! 
  My camera isn't any 8 or 10 Fps so i dont have that privilege of going by luck!! And I Like that, because i learn better.
On that cricket game i only did high burst 2 times following the ball from the baller to the bat all in one set.... that was it!! On wedding i don't even have my camera set to continuous high burst... So maximum i do is 3 to 4 frames in a row!! Now, why??  Because i don't need to!! just need to click the right moment...


Okay, it's true, Luck plays a part too, but add that to your right time clicking and you will succeed even more, no?? ((Just like this one, was more luck this one! A image to add to the funny ones!! Doesn't he looks like it was actually hit?? but the balls is yards far from him....hahaha))

That moment needs to be in mind first than on your eyes so you react faster!! Am i an expert on this, to be writing all this? Maybe not, but i am writing because i need this to be in my mind all the time i shoot and so in yours too, so decided to do this, write this, so it can help you remember....

Here some pics i think are cool to show you, all taken by me and hopefully just the beginning of a lot many!!!
Scroll down for my end message too!!

anticipation, anticipation, right moment, less burst, less shots, more favorites, less work to you and computer too

Thank you all

Best Regards
God bless you and your ones
Bruno Conceicao

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