Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 - The review

It's been ages since I don't write here and I decided to come in big style!!
 With a start of a review...Not completed as I rented this lens for a wedding only and will do it for other wedding and then, will be able to complement it better for you!!
I haven't done reviews that much lately, especially to the web so apologize if it's a bit poor, but will do my best to improve along the way...

If you are here reading this, you probably read and listen great reviews about it around the net and  you want to assure it's true with more reviews and more opinions...

My opinion, go and buy one! haha

Seriously though!
Shall I start with one of the biggest questions around this and this type of lenses... Is it worth? paying less for this lens compared to the nikkor version or canon version??? Is it that different in image quality, build quality in comparison??

Around the web is been said that it is worth and is very very good compared to the branded versions... My opinion? They are right...
Sigma completely revamped themselves all the way and started a new generation of products and this is the first to come out!!
I have the 85mm 1.4 too and was considered one of the best lenses they had, and in primes as well!! As in zooms, not really so great and consistent...

In my case, on a Nikon D600, you can see how she looks mated with the body and how great she looks... well balanced to this sort of body... And for me, small stature and small wrists... a bonus!!

So... How is it?? What else do I think of it??
A soon as I holded it in my hands I felt good and impressed...It is heavier than you think.  The build quality impresses, looks like it's all metal lens as you handle it. The focus ring is nice and smooth and not that rubber that you feel will wear and come off!
The lens hood holds really well, clicks nice and hard so doesn't come off easy.
However good thing or bad thing, it's not straight at the edges so doesn't allow you to put the camera standing facing down with lens looking down...

But not a problem for most of you, I guess!!

The filter is 67mm and enough!! Enough for 1.4 light goodiness to come in and less money to spend on big filters.

Focusing wise, I wouldn't call it a speedy gonzalez lens but I shot a reception and a party in the dance floor and used continuous focus in tracking mode and cope really well on focusing all the party and all the fun!

Image quality?? God all mighty is sharp!!
Although its a wider lens and because of that, the shallow depth of field of the 1.4 range is bigger, we still need to be careful where it falls because when you used it close to the subject, closer you are, shallower it gets and when used really close, I mean, nearly macro thing, it's amazing the bokeh it creates and the DOF (depth of field) it has!!  But if you nail it on the subject... It will be sharp for sure!!

When I mentioned, 'nearly macro thing', because this lens can get really close and the effect is really nice!!

Used on a APS-C camera with the crop factor will be gorgeous to use as it will have that feel it gives and quality and with the bonus of a extra bit of image plane, extra reach!

Does it help to confirm all this if I say I done around 85% of the wedding with it?? Yes I did! As 35mm and with crop factor (in-camera) too as its useful to have it just in case... coupled with 70-200 or 85mm in the other back up body.

Following will leave some images from the wedding I had...Not the best in the world but for me was a great step up in terms of results, overall!compared to what I had at the moment. So quite pleased and thought could help more on your decisions to what a 35 mm can bring and what the  new  SIGMA ART 35 mm can bring

Thank you  very much for the visit and reading and hope to bring more stuff and hopefully improve on doing reviews...
Let me know if you liked and...follow me!!

#Best Regards

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