Saturday, 15 August 2015

A come back to blogging!! Return of the prodigy child!

I know... It is been more than a year since last post.
Most won't even see this post, but I wanted to start writing few notes here and there and share some stories!!
Stories about some love stories, with weddings and other moments, or through travels I may do and some news along the way!!

The website been revamped and will still be as I been changing a few bricks and walls and painting few rooms! haha

The blog will be get some of that paint too!

The places and travel gallery is getting more rich in fine imagery and available to purchase of big and spectacular prints/frames.
The wedding gallery more rich in love stories.
Portraiture gallery more rich in incredible people being captured

And with the time, a richer place to spend some more time on!

I appreciate whoever read this and follows me and my growth and my desire of sharing the love.

The love given to me and the love we all have to give!!

From London to the world, Best regards to all


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