Monday, 29 July 2013

New House, New name

Hello my people!
In advance, hope you've been well and believe you will be even better!
And want to say you will be better along with me... With this redecorated house... My new page, name, brand image!!!
It took me a while but it is on and hope you like and I am free to comments, to your opinions...Because after all, this is your page too!! Our Sofa where we take our cuppa together and you are more than free to talk, comment, message me.  The Website is taking a bit longer to come but it will and will make an entrance, for sure!!

Thanks people and more important, Thank you Lord

Best regards
Bruno Conceicao Photo

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Winds of Change! New image and name coming

For all of you out there, all the population of Earth!! IF you been following me and hope you do, means you like my work, just wanted to justify my current silence in work and posts...this is because I've been in a phase of restructure of me and my brand and also my work... And some conclusions and changes are being made... And in here, media platform, will have major changes...

Some winds are coming and changing... Not any tropical tornado but almost...  this blog will change as well other things...Can't bring details as can spoil the 'wow' factor of all of you...Well, not that I am expecting a wow anyway... But at least will provide a more efficient and quick change..

And for this name?? Bron photography will keep it for a while so can be a link to my new space!!!

Hope you are curious and hope you follow me and my work and my passion... Hope to see in my new space... YOUR SPACE!!

From me??
All the best regards
a day full of joy and among your
loved ones...Always!!
God bless you, your day
and your family,